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  • The Most Cost Effective Cold Storage Solution

The Most Cost Effective Solution

Finding the most cost effective solution is at the forefront of every business decision. Here at Dawsonrentals, we’re proud to say that we can offer you that solution; the Inflatable Cold Store.

We’ve looked at all ‘on the floor’ cold storage facilities currently available and calculated their cost per m², based on a 13 week hire.

Cheap Cold Storage

As you can see, the ICS is the most cost effective option. Although 20ft containers have a slightly lower per m² cost, you would need 3 containers just to match 1 of the Inflatables storage capability!

The saving doesn’t stop there!

Quickest Delivery – Cheapest Commissioning Costs –Cheapest Delivery– Quickest Down to Temperature – Largest Capacity

If you need to increase, replace or improve your cold storage, give us a call on 01179 373310 and speak to our friendly sales team. 


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