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Reduce Overheads With The Inflatable Cold Store

Wednesday March 1st, 2017

Dawsongroup portable cold rooms understand that there are many cold storage options available on the market and choosing the right solution can be a tough decision.

Fixed cold storage options initially require expensive capital investment and can lead to increases in bills, whilst taking up valuable space when not required.  Renting cold storage units is often the preferred option, especially for those companies who have to react to demand fluctuations throughout the year, but may only need the units during busy periods.

During peak times when product lines are extended and seasonal products are released, the introduction of traditional built solutions can be intrusive, inflexible and upset the flow of your operations. The Inflatable Cold Store offers the solutions to these problems and effectively overcomes site and access restrictions.

As the only temporary cold storage solution to offer floorless construction, the Inflatable Cold Store can vastly reduce your handling costs on site. These units are extremely robust and can even allow for unrestricted forklift access if elevated.

The maintenance and depreciation of fixed assets can be an expensive headache. As part of our rental solutions, Dawsongroup offer a complete aftercare package. Our team are on hand 24/7/365 to help with any maintenance or service enquiry. Should you require any further information on our storage solutions. give us a call on 01179 373 310.

Inflatable Cold Store



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