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Planes, Trains & Automobiles..

Tuesday 6th December 2016

As Christmas approaches, the cold storage industry is notoriously hectic. For Dawsonrentals | portable cold rooms, 2016 has been no different. Staff have been working tirelessly to service the UK's food, retail and transport sectors with cold storage solutions.

During the past month, all of the stops have been pulled out to ensure deliveries are made in time for Christmas.

At the home of Britain's most prestigious air display team, an ambient store and temporary kitchen facility were delivered as an emergency response, with a link being built to the existing building. Although we were unable to ascertain who or what the dry store was used for, our installation team said they saw a man in a red suit flying by.

The week before saw our team react to an emergency at one of London's major train stations. To enable the UK's rail network to feed hungry passengers, there needs to be a large scale chilled and frozen storage operation behind the scenes. When their existing facility catastrophically failed, the team at Dawsonrentals portable cold rooms were able to step in and save the day by providing 122 pallets of chilled and frozen storage within 48 hours!

And to polish off the set, one of the UK's leading chilled & frozen distribution companies took receipt of an inflatable freezer store. The facility allowed the client to hold 40 pallets of frozen product much closer to their loading bays the existing freezer store. With this in mind, it has allowed our client to ensure supermarkets up and down the country are fully stocked with Frozen Christmas Fare.

With Planes, Trains and Automobiles all taken care of, we've proven to be the best connection for all your ambient, chilled and frozen needs!















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