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Our Inflatable Journey 2017

Wednesday 20th September, 2017

Over the past 10 months, our inflatable storage units have embarked on journeys across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and Europe to assist businesses in their need for cold storage throughout the seasons.

With a busy calendar this year, the units have and will be travelling a total distance of over 3000 miles within the United Kingdom to be installed by our experienced installations team, at a number of businesses across a range of industries - events and festivals, breweries, logistics, food manufacturing, growers, dairies and food retailers. 

We, at Dawsongroup portable cold rooms, have been able to provide clients with up to 60 pallets of cold storage space, forklift accessible where necessary, for their requirements. Customers have utilised our units after outgrowing their existing chilled facilities, thus impacting on the speed of their production line, as well as housing stock during this Summer's events and festivals. A site devastated by fire looked to the Inflatable Cold Store as an emergency solution for storage of product and the units have also acted as interim cold storage areas while permanent facilities are installed. 

Our clients have identified Dawsongroup and our inflatable units as the most reliable and cost-effective solution to enable their businesses to diversify, expand and continue to operate throughout 2017.

Map of Inflatable Installations




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