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Inflatable Cold Stores for Leading UK Breweries

Tuesday 8th May, 2018

This spring two of the UK’s largest breweries contacted Dawsongroup portable cold rooms in regard to a number of events they were holding over the summer period. In both cases, operating temperature aside, their key requisites were speed of deployment as they only had limited set up time and storage capacity. Account Executive James Richmond, recommended the inflatable cold store knowing the positive feedback this product has received from previous event projects.

With these events scheduled to take place all over the country showcasing everything from Michelin starred food to jazz performances, the breweries quickly recognised the versatility that the cold store could offer them. Of course being breweries there was also the matter of chilling vast amounts of alcohol. 

As these events are scheduled for the next number of years, Dawsongroup portable cold rooms were able to offer an enhanced rental package for a multiyear commitment. Dawsongroup are currently scheduled to supply inflatable cold storage to 12 festivals this summer. Should you be managing or setting up a festival contact us for more information on how we can meet your requirements.




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