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  • Haggis Manufacturer turns to Inflatable Cold Store

Haggis manufacturer turns to Inflatable Cold Store

Thursday December 12, 2013

At this time of year there is a lot of pressure on businesses to meet demand for a variety of products. Macsween of
Edinburgh will be stepping up production in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Hogmanay and Burns Night to provide their loyal client base with award winning Haggis. 

Dawsonrentals were approached by Macsween to provide a temperature controlled facility for 8 weeks over the festive season. The Inflatable Cold Store was identified as the ideal solution, offering the business a flexible alternative to traditional facilities.  

Macsween will produce approximately 350 tonnes for Burns suppers alone which will need to be accommodated. The double inflatable is being used purely for as cold storage space, whilst the single inflatable is a chilled production area.

The Inflatable Cold Stores provide Macsween with an additional refrigerated 48 floor pallet spaces, strategically located within their existing units to minimise disruption to the manufacturing process.

Dawsonrentals are committed to assisting companies establish the most practical and cost effective storage solutions for their business. Whether for periods of peak demand or long term expansion, Dawsonrentals can tailor a solution bespoke to your business.


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