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  • Victims Of Their Own Success!

Victims Of Their Own Success!

Thursday 12th January 2017

Dawsonrentals were recently contacted by one of the UK's fastest growing catering butchers. The company had seen huge growth in recent times and as such have been a victim of their own success, they had out grown their existing cold storage facilities.

Sales Manager, Tom Dawson met with the client at their premises to get a full understanding of the requirement. They were looking for a solution that could be sited externally; maintain a temperature between +2°C to +4°C and have a large pallet capacity that was accessible by forklift.

Following an in depth site survey by Tom Dawson, we were in a position to supply a triple elevated inflatable cold store. This solution provides a massive 48 pallet capacity as well as being fully forklift accessible.

This customer agreed to an initial 26 week hire based on the functionality of the solution and our ability to adapt to their exact requirements. Within a two week window, the entire process had been completed from, site survey to facility installation and the first products being stored. This was only possible due to the flexibility and rapidness of a Dawsonrentals inflatable cold store team. 

If your business has out grown its current facilities or, you would like to know more about the UK's only temporary cold store that allows forklift access, call us on 01179 373 310 and find out how our solutions can enable your business to grow.








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