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Double Inflatable For Leading Pharmaceutical Wholesalers!

Tuesday 20th December 2016

The Animal Health division of one of the UK's leading Pharmaceutical product wholesalers, contacted Martin Bowman, Regional Sales Manager at Dawsongroup portable cold rooms.

The company had successfully negotiated a contract with one of their clients to supply an increased amount of animal vaccines through the first quarter of 2017. With a stored temperature range of between +2° to +8° and an expected 40 pallets of product to hold, the perfect solution was a 'Double, High Caacity Inflatable Cold Store'. Sited inside a warehouse, the facilities floorless design will allow operatives to manoeuvre pallets quickly and easily.

From initial enquiry, the facility was up and running in 8 days. This allowed the client some preparation time to install the necessary power supplies and re-locate their overhead lighting. At almost 3.7 metres high 7 metres wide and 9.2 metres deep when inflated, it was imperative the site had no obstructions. Ordinarily a full site survey would be conducted, however due to the time constraints Martin Bowman managed to conduct a site survey using photos and precise questioning.

Once again, Dawonrentals have listened to their customers requirements, identified the perfect solution, won the business and delivered as promised in a timely fashion.

Double Inflatable





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