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  • Yorkshire Dairy's Permanent Cold Storage Solution

Yorkshire Dairy's Permanent Cold Storage Solution 

Monday 13th November, 2017

The final stage of installation is complete at an independent dairy in Yorkshire, following the successful construction of three permanent cold storage facilities. 

Due to the success of a newly developed product, the site required a new cold store and it was determined that the preferred solution would be to stagger the conversion of the space by supplying multiple cold rooms. This would allow the business to assess how well the product was selling and if necessary, spread the capital outlay.

Bespoke Cold Storage


With the first unit installed and commissioned in June this year, the second build phase was immediately scheduled for October for the further two facilities. As sales for the product were still increasing, the site knew they would need an additional two rooms installed as quickly as possible. However, the specification of rooms two and three would need to be slightly different from the first. 

Rooms two and three had their doorways increased to 1600mm wide and their refrigeration systems sited remotely to combat the increase in heat produced by the additional units. A different type of room was used during the second phase, so panels were measured perfectly and cut to match the uneven floor level while the front walls were sprayed with the paint code of the first rooms to meet with the client's aesthetic requirements. 

Triple Cold Rooms


From the beginning of this project, Dawsongroup worked with the client on a consultative level in order to achieve the desired end goal. The three rooms have been supplied within the initial budget and have perfectly maximised the available space allotted to storing this product.




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