Cold Room FAQs

dawsongroup temporary kitchen FAQ's

We understand that you may have queries regarding our modular cold rooms, so please read our FAQs.


How are the cold rooms delivered?

The rooms are delivered and installed by our experienced team. As the rooms are panel built, they can be easily transported, reducing delivery costs.

What if I want the room for longer than originally agreed?

The option to extend the hire agreement is given to all our clients, simply let us know and we’ll get that arranged.

What can I store in your rooms?

Anything you would like. Our cold rooms are most commonly used for food storage, but we have previously worked with pharmaceutical companies, florists, breweries and many other businesses.

What different options are available for your cold rooms?

We offer a range of options to give you complete control over your facility. The rooms can come floorless, or floored with the options of anti-slip, stainless steel or reinforced. Pedestrian or pallet width doors can be fitted to the rooms, and a range of external finishes and PIR panelling can be used.

Where can the room be sited?

Almost anywhere with room for it! Our bespoke cold stores are made to measure and can be sited internally and externally.

Do you carry out site surveys?

We do. Our site surveys are free of charge and carried out by our experienced staff.

Do you offer any accessories?

We have a range of accessories that can be included in your cold room. These include strip curtains, ramps, racking, hanging rails and viewing windows.

I need it to store pallets, is that OK?

Of course, we can fit pallet width doors for easy access into our rooms. We can also build access ramps custom to your site to allow pallet truck access. This speeds up your stock rotation and increases productivity. 

Can you provide CAD drawings?

Yes we can, we provide CAD drawings for all our cold rooms.

Do you sell cold rooms?

We have brand new and used cold rooms for sale to suit any budget and requirement, please click here to find out what we have available.


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