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Inflatable Cold Store FAQs

We understand that you may have queries regarding our inflatables so please read our FAQs.

Inflatable Cold Stores

How much does it cost to hire an inflatable?

Each hire is different and because of this, we need to gather various bits of information from you before we can give you an accurate quotation. We need to know the length of hire, cost of delivery and several other factors. Once this information has been gathered, a quote can be calculated.

Do the blowers run constantly?

No. Our inflatables are supplied with automatic pressure control systems which will turn the blowers off once the correct operating pressure has been reached.

How are the inflatables delivered?

The inflatables, once fully deflated, can fit on a single pallet. This allows them to be delivered in medium sized vehicles and only needs one installer, saving on installation and delivery costs.

What if I want the inflatables for longer than originally agreed?

The option to extend the hire is given to all our clients, simply let us know and we’ll get that arranged.

How are the structures anchored?

The best method for anchoring an inflatable depends upon the surface on which it is going to be installed on and customer preference e.g. for hard standings such as concrete, expanding anchor bolts can be used which are connected to load points on the structure. Regardless of the surface, we are guaranteed to find an anchoring solution.

Does the structure require much maintenance?

The textiles used to build the inflatable solutions have excellent longevity and our tried and tested systems utilise components which are selected for their reliability and robustness, so maintenance isn't an issue.

Are the inflation systems noisy?

No, Since very little air is required to maintain the operating pressure of our structures, the inflation systems are very quiet. 

What can I store inside an inflatable?

Anything you would like. They are most commonly used for food and drink storage, but we have worked with florists, breweries and many other businesses.

Where can the store be placed?

Almost anywhere with room for it! Our inflatables can be fitted both internally and externally, on hard surfaces and even grass.

Do you carry out site surveys?

We do. Our site surveys are free of charge and carried out by our experienced staff.

I need it to store pallets, is that ok?

Of course, we can elevate the inflatables to allow forklift access. Along with pallet width doors, this makes the rotation of goods much easier and less time consuming.

Alternatively, our High Capacity Stores are the appropriate height to allow forklift access. 

Can you provide CAD drawings?

Yes we can, simply ask and we'll send them over.

Do you sell inflatable cold stores?

Yes, we have inflatables units for sale. Please click here for more information.


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