Case Study: Voith Industrial Services

Heated Storage For Wheels and Tyres

After being awarded a new contract with one the UK’s most prestigious, small volume car manufacturers, Voith Industrial Services Ltd, a leading supplier of wheel and tyre assembly services, required a temporary facility for the storage of wheels and tyres. The industry standard temperature when fitting tyres to alloy wheels is around 17°C. so Voith Industrial Services required their products to be stored between 20-25°C to ensure the rubber was pliable enough to fit to the alloy wheels without damaging them.

Following some research conducted by Trevor Thomas, Voith Industrial Services’ Lean Manufacturing Manager, there appeared to be very few products on the market that would suit their needs. They were looking for a quick solution to be able to fulfil their contract.

'We required a short-term solution that would provide optimum storage conditions for circa 80 tyres over a 24-hour period prior to assembly. We also had limited space to contend with.'

T. Thomas, Lean Manufacturing Manager

They had previously considered a ‘heated storage container’ but due to space and access restrictions, Martin Bowman, Telesales Executive, came up with the idea of adapting one of Dawsongroup’s traditional inflatable cold stores (usually used for the storage of chilled products), into a warm store. This was achieved by fitting heating elements and temperature control panels to the ‘refrigeration’ motors, which resulted in the specified 25°C being reached sustainably.

From the initial point of contact, Dawsongroup portable cold rooms understood the requirement, developed a solution and delivered the product rapidly. The turnaround was achieved in less than two weeks.

Heated Storage Facilities

'We needed this unit for three months until we could relocate production to a new state-of-the-art assembly line. It was delivered, installed and inflated inside the building in less than two hours and had the first batch of tyres in it that day, and warmed to circa 23°C'

T. Thomas, Lean Manufacturing Manager

Dawsongroup portable cold rooms have demonstrated again, that they are the leaders in providing solutions regardless of the temperature required.

Whether you require chilled, ambient or warm temperatures to store products within your business, we are able to provide a storage facility to suit your needs, so do not hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01179 373 310 and we will be happy to help.


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