Case Study: Cytec

Inflatable External Area

We were contacted by Cytec Industries, who were interested in our inflatable cold stores. Cytec is a global provider of technologically advanced materials, making it possible for designers and engineers in aerospace, high-performance industrial and other extreme-demand environments to anticipate their time, performance and quality requirements.

Cytec also provide speciality chemicals solutions for a variety of uses including mining, industrial coatings, automotive and transportation, graphic arts, architectural and construction, wood and paper, and adhesives. For more information on what Cytec can do, please click here.

Our inflatable cold stores are perhaps most commonly used as food storage facilities, regulating temperatures from +2°C to +12°C. However, thanks to the units’ unique structural design, businesses have been able to utilise the facility in a number of different ways, and this was the case with Cytec. They wanted 3 elevated inflatable units to be sited externally for the intended use of an outside work area.

The installations team did a fantastic job in siting this unit, and overcame all challenges that faced them on what proved to be a tricky install. Our raised inflatable units need to be rawl bolted to the ground to safely secure them, but this wasn’t possible due to the type of flooring the customer had available.

Our installations team were able to brainstorm a solution and actioned it immediately. Custom steel frames were commissioned, built and attached to our elevation blocks to secure the units' stability. This stability was then further increased by 8 x 500kg concrete blocks, placed on each of the custom steel frames. This install was a perfect example of how our experienced install team can adapt and overcome any challenges to consistently meet the demands of the customer.

'The install team did very well and the service I received was of a high standard'

K. Sharp, Strategic Buyer 

Inflatable cold storage  



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