Case Study: Pet Food Manufacturer

A pet food manufacturer located in South Wales recently contacted Dawsongroup with the view to changing their current frozen storage space. The company has specialised in high quality dog, cat and rabbit food for the last 25 years.

A site meeting was arranged and during discussions, Regional Sales Manager, Martin Bowman asked to see the existing storage solutions. The client was using three, reefer type, shipping containers. As the client was explaining the issues with them, a member of staff appeared with a shovel in hand and proceeded to use the tool to prise open one of the doors. The client explained this had become the ‘nail in the coffin’ and had driven them to source an alternative solution. In addition to the frozen door, the client was also frustrated with the double handling required when storing product and the energy being consumed by each container. The Inflatable Freezer Store was perfect in this sense as it ticked all the boxes and more.

The proposed solution was a double High Capacity Freezer Store, allowing the company to store up to 40 pallets of the raw pet food ingredients at -18°c, in a single unit! As the High Capacity Freezer Store is the only temporary facility capable of forklift access, the decision was a simple one. 

Double HCF install

Sited inside the client’s warehouse, the High Capacity Freezer Store was positioned with the doorway directly behind their roller shutter door to provide unrestricted forklift access.  The company was happy to share their speed and time management data and as a result, we were extremely pleased with the outcome. The Inflatable Freezer Store had saved 18% of handling time, in real terms this equates to circa 21 hours per week.

The team at Dawsongroup delivered and installed the double High Capacity Freezer Store into the company’s warehouse in just one day. By taking a consultative approach to our client’s project we provided this customer with assistance from initial planning stages through to installation, collaborating together every step of the way.

Since completing the installation, the client has expressed how effective the inflatable freezer store is when product needs to be moved. The High Capacity Freezer Store has also reduced both energy and double handling costs.

If you are unhappy with your current refrigeration supplier, please contact us to discuss how we could improve your cold storage process. 

Double HCF install



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