Case Study: Lincolnshire Growers

Dawsongroup portable cold rooms were approached by a leading UK crop grower and producer, specialising in the production of salad crops including lettuce and chicories. The client required a chilled storage facility due to a lack of refrigerated space at their main site in Lincolnshire.

As a client that has worked with business units of Dawsongroup previously, they now required a facility to store their bagged salads prior to loading onto delivery vehicles, preserving freshness and improve the overall shelf life of the product. 

Dawsongroup portable cold rooms won the contract for the installation of a Double High Capacity Store on site, due to the units' forklift accessibility. This was an essential requirement for the client's stock rotation processes and a feature not otherwise achievable with traditional container-type storage. The unit would provide the client with up to 40 pallets worth of storage space, where the set temperature was required at +3°C to ensure that the product was kept fresh; the likes of cucumbers and tomatoes can split at even +2°C. 

Sales Manager, Tom Dawson, conducted two visits to site, meeting with the client to discuss installation logistics, determine siting of the unit and ensure power requirements were in place for the day of delivery. It was also advised by Dawsongroup that a concrete pad should be installed to ensure that manoeuvrability was easier for forklifts, as the existing gravel on site would eventually wear away. 

Lincolnshire Growers

Once the installation was under way on site, the units were situated externally leading onto a gable end wall of the warehouse. The client had created an additional entrance in this space so that it could be accessed directly by forklift, from the internal bays, increasing efficiency in stock rotation and loading. 

To match the spatial requirements needed by the client, the High Capacity Store's door was raised by 160mm to cater for the height of the stacked baskets of product being forklifted into the facility. As vehicles could then be loaded with product already in this set-up, it ensured that the stock rotation process was as efficient as possible. 

Internal Chilled Facility

The Double High Capacity Store was the ideal solution for the Lincolnshire client's refrigerated storage shortfall to allow them to improve and maintain productivity and cost-effectiveness in their operations on site. Adapting the existing structure of the unit, Dawsongroup worked in collaboration with the client and their requirements to achieve maximum output for their speciality product. 



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