Case Study: Frozen Food Manufacturer

A food production company in Worcestershire recently contacted Dawsongroup to solve a production issue. Trading for over 20 years, the business specialises in the production of pastries, slow-cooked meat and fish and has recently won awards for their fantastic pies!

Our client's fundamental requirement was to be able to safely defrost frozen food product within a chilled storage area, to reach a pre-set temperature of +3°C/+4°C. This would allow the stock to be moved onto the next stage of the production line more efficiently and, in turn, improve stock processing. 

Dawsongroup's Account Executive, James Richmond, spoke with the client and suggested the High Capacity Store as the best solution due to the required operating temperature and the size of the unit. 

While James was on paternity leave, Sales Manager, Tom Dawson conducted a site survey to determine the space available on site and siting locations for our unit. Working with the client, it was agreed that the High Capacity Store would be suitable as it allows for the storage of 20 pallets of product whilst being forklift accessible. This would ultimately save the client the labour costs otherwise incurred to load the unit. 

Chilled Storage Facility

Within a two week window, quotations, contracts and installation of the unit were complete, leaving the client with a fully functioning inflatable cold storage solution for an agreed 24 month hire period.

'The High Capacity Store we have rented from Dawsongroup has provided us with the much needed extra chill space we need without the sudden expense of purchasing a new chiller. The rental of this unit has allowed us to effectively utilise an otherwise redundant area of our warehouse. The unit was quoted and installed really quickly which in peak season is greatly beneficial to any company and the whole process was really easy and well managed by the team.'

This positive feedback is a demonstration of the hard work that the Dawsongroup team exert to always efficiently meet the requirements of a client needing a solution. 

Worcestershire Frozen Food Manufacturer



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