Case Study: CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics are one of the world's leading supply chain management companies, operating both freight management and contract logistics at 1,000 sites across the globe. In 'making business flow', their services focus on specialist industries including consumer and retail, healthcare and aerospace.

Following the successful supply of 120 new vehicles by Dawsongroup Truck & Trailer, CEVA were then looking to expand their service offering in the form of refrigerated storage. As a relationship was already firmly established within Dawsongroup, they knew exactly where they should turn.

Specialising in temporary and bespoke cold storage, Dawsongroup portable cold rooms have provided flexible solutions for the logistics industry, working with businesses in need of additional temperature controlled facilities. This has enabled them to diversify into new markets and fulfil their clients' needs, features that are essential in today's fast-paced logistics environment. 

Responsible for sourcing a cold storage solution, Helen Langford, CEVA Logistics' Senior General Manager commented 'logistics never stands still and it's the ability to innovate and offer pro-active solutions that gives us the competitive edge and ensures organic growth and renewal'.

CEVA's requirements were based on the need for technology that would enable them to have a flexible chill chain capacity, when required, as well as forming a contingency solution as part of their business continuity planning. Working together on a consultative basis Dawsongroup were able to provide a suitable solution, comprising of the purchase of a chilled Inflatable Cold Store and rental of a frozen High Capacity Store. 

Dawsongroup's inflatable products encompass the very latest in air-tight structures, resulting in strong and rigid temperature controlled storage. The facilities' flexible construction enables the product to be erected on different surfaces, internally and externally, and then dismantled and stored away when not required. It is this feature that has allowed CEVA Logistics to offer an even better service to their clients.

'It has been an excellent service throughout, from the initial call with James to the delivery and installation, there is definitely an increased part to play in business continuity plans for the appropriate businesses.' 

Helen Langford - Senior General Manager, CEVA Logistics

Dawsongroup has helped CEVA Logistics 'offer enhanced services to customers at their busiest periods without compromising on quality of service'. Yet, Dawsongroup can do a lot more. The services Dawsongroup offer include the rental, contract hire, leasing and selling of: trucks and trailers, buses, coaches and accessible vehicles, vans, forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment, industrial and municipal sweepers, portable cold rooms, temporary kitchen and production facilities, temporary buildings as well as the provision of asset finance and leasing brokerage through their in-house Dawsongroup Finance unit. 

With the company's unique consultative approach to customer needs and delivery of the most effective solutions, it strives to be a full business solutions provider. Dawsongroup's ability to quickly respond to changing trends within the market and efficiently deliver innovative solutions is paramount in adding value to customer operations. 



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