Case Study: Reyam Ltd

Cold Storage for Microbrewery

Dawsongroup portable cold rooms were recently contacted by Reyam Ltd, a Bristol-based business looking to diversify into a new product market. The company currently specialise in the supply and maintenance of bulk storage solutions and process equipment associated with silos, tanks and vessels. The company supply these products to a variety of UK indsutry sectors including breweries, pharmaceuticals, dairy products and juice processing companies. Visit their website here for more information. 

Reyam have decided to diversify from what they currently buy and sell and enter a new product market by creating a microbrewery and associated brand. Reyam Ltd's Managing Director decided that a cold room was needed to store the ingredients required to craft the beer and of course, the finished product. 

Martin Bowman, Regional Sales Manager, spoke with the client, who insisted on a clean and professional modular cold room, as the client's intention was to use the chilled area as part of the demonstration process, where customers could view the complete brewing process. 

With the client looking for a quick turnaround, the team at Dawsongroup portable cold rooms had a limited time frame to source the solution. However, within a two week window, quotations, contracts and installation were complete leaving the client with a ready-to-use cold room. 

Cold Storage for Microbrewery

The new venture will be franchised to pubs and individual investors, where they will pay for the rights to use their ingredients, brand, bottles, cold rooms, brewing method and all necessary equipment. The success of the business' expansion could potentially lead to additional cold stores being purchased or rented from Dawsongroup portable cold rooms. 

This purchase has allowed Reyam their first internal on-site demonstration room, where customers can be invited to see the design of the brewery and the ease of the method used to brew the beer. 



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