Case Study: South West Bakery

Martin Bowman at Dawsongroup | portable cold rooms was presented with the opportunity to find an innovative solution for a South West Bakery who required their Florentines to be cooled as quickly as possible to an exact temperature.

Their current process involved removing 6 racks of Florentines from industrial sized ovens at 90ºc, before positioning the product in front of floor mounted fans to cool. Realising how inefficient this process was, the bakery requested a room which would enable them to control the speed and temperature at which the product could be chilled. This would increase their efficiency and productivity levels, saving time and money!

Martin travelled to Dorset to meet with the Engineering Manager and Interim Project Manager to discuss the project requirements. From this, the team at Dawsongroup | portable cold rooms were able to design and install the ideal solution for the client.

We designed a blast chiller which would reduce the temperature of the baked Florentines from 90°c down to 24°c in 15 minutes. The Florentines would be contained in moulds on a baking tray and placed onto a wheeled aluminium rack (16 trays totalling 640 Florentines per rack). By adding a five minute window for rotating the product, (6 cool racks out replaced with 6 hot racks in), the client is now able to chill 18 racks per hour.

The Blast Chiller has a full Stainless Steel interior and was delivered flat packed for ease of access and positioning, alongside a modular floor with access ramp. The refrigeration system was split into an internal evaporator and an external condensing unit which removes the heat from the production area. The distance between the two is approximately 20 metres.

After installation, the room was fully tested, commissioned and calibrated to ensure the room met with the customers’ expectations. To ensure the onsite engineers understood the full workings of their new purchase, DGPCR arranged for a representative from the manufacturer to visit the site and provide a customised training package, tailored to the technical capabilities of those present.


Specification of the blast chiller:

Innovative technology (vertical-type evaporators, central ventilation)

Vertical homogeneity of the blowing temperature

Anti-erosion painted evaporators

Horizontal fins producing an « Air Blade » effect on the whole height

Deported evaporators avoiding the ventilation power losses

Suited space between the fins slowing down the icing

Quick cycle allowing the packaging cycle

Door heating strips

Insulation (polyurethane) and refrigerant (R448) without CFC

Fans with high flow and reinforced waterproofing, low temperature greasing.

Fans with collar to optimize the power and air flow

Stainless steel ventilation grids.

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