Case Study: Rachael's Sandwich Shop

As well as our fully comprehensive rental service, we also offer brand new and used cold rooms for purchase. This gives our clients the opportunity to choose the best option available for their business. We recently sold a cold room to Rachael's Sandwich Shop, a local business based in South Bristol.

Rachael’s Sandwich Shop had been operating at full capacity due to high demand and was having to turn away potential business as a result. The shop soon realised that increasing their storage capacity was essential for them to capitalise on this demand and maximise their revenue and profits; that’s where we came in.

Business owner Rachael, got in contact with us wanting to purchase a bespoke cold room to be sited internally at her production facility. Rachael wanted a 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.1m room capable of an operational temperature range of +2/+12°C with low energy LED lighting and 1 tier of cantilevered shelving to maximise floor space.

We were quickly able to conduct a site survey and quote Rachael for the outright purchase of the room. The initial site survey was carried out by our Sales Manager and was conducted to fully inform the client of the extensive range of options available to them, and to then ascertain the exact requirements of the client. With all details finalised, our installations team conducted a second site survey to assess the proposed install area and effectively plan the delivery and installation process. Site visits such as these allow us to fully understand what the customer requires, and enables us to ensure a seamless install.  

'10 out of 10. You provided a very good service, there was no faffing about!'

Rachael, Owner

With the cold room now in place, Rachael’s Sandwich Shop can look forward securing more business than ever before.


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