Case Study: British Corner Shop

Retailer for British Expats

Dawsongroup portable cold rooms were approached at the beginning of 2017 by a returning customer called the British Corner Shop. They are the premium online grocery store for British expats around the world. It was created for people who crave Marmite and want it delivered to their house outside of the UK. To find out more about British Corner Shop click here

The British Corner Shop had seen a sustained period of growth in line with high levels of demand that had caused them to outgrow their existing facilities. Following successfully sourcing new facilities, British Corner Shop required a bespoke dual temperature cold storage facility. As a previous customer of Dawsongroup, Kevin Hall of the British Corner Shop, approached us to discuss the details and asked Dawsongroup to draw up a proposal. Due to the nature of some of the products being stored, it was critical that we designed a solution that fitted their exact requirements.

Dawsongroup proposed a dual temperature facility (chill/freeze) measuring: 10.10m (w) x 6.30m (d) x 2.50m (h). The bespoke facility was designed to integrate an 80:20 chiller/freezer split. The customer had a greater need for chilled storage, but still required the ability to freeze for specialist products.

Following approval from their operations team, our installations team then proceeded to successfully build and install the bespoke modular solution.

Bespoke Cold Room International

Dawsongroup portable cold rooms are experts in the design and build of bespoke modular cold rooms. Over 20 years of experience in specialist applications enables Dawsongroup to deliver solutions to our clients, whose requirements are unique and require efficient planning and execution.



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