Case Study: Cannes Lions

Cold Store France Event

Dawsongroup were approached earlier in the year by Innovision, a company who specialise in organising large scale events for companies all around the world. Innovision were organising '#Facebookbeach' as part of the Facebook event, Cannes Lions 2016. An event of epic scale, it was organised to showcase the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the technology industry. Innovision, who are known for their creativity and original ideas, approached Dawsongroup with an idea for an "Arctic Gallery".

Sales Manager Tom Dawson, met with the Innovision team in London to discuss ideas where it soon became clear that the main emphasis was it being on the beach! PCR had to design and create a custom freezer room to house two large ice sculptures, created by famous artist Sean Yoro. The ambient temperature in Cannes was above 30°C, so it was pivotal that the freezer room was able to cope with the Mediterranean Sun. To do so, the freezer room was split with an Anti-Chamber, ensuring that the room was able to function in the heat as it became a public gallery, with open doors and a constant flow of people traffic. The final part of the design process, was a site survey conducted by Tom in Cannes.

Event Cold Storage Europe

Dawsongroup provided a full installation team and a stand-by engineer throughout the duration of the event. Installations Manager, Dave Hill, and Martin Newman travelled to Cannes to complete the install. They had a small window of 12 hours within which to complete the installation. Starting work at midnight, the team worked through torrential rain to complete the job on time, and were the only contractors on site to do so. Engineer, John Chappell, then joined the team to provide his expertise and know-how. Upon the conclusion of the event, Dave and Martin again had to work in a small window through the night to dismantle the room and get it loaded for safe return to the UK.

'I wanted to thank you again for all your work and time you have invested into the Facebook event this year and a special thank you for the freezer gallery. The client was very happy and complimentary, so massive thank you, to you and your team.'

K. Tinapp, Technical Production Manager 

Dual Chamber Freezer Room



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