New portable storage solutions

Whether it be an Inflatable Cold Store, High Capacity Store, Modular Coldroom or Refrigerated Trailer, purchasing cold storage facilities from Dawsonrentals provides a number of benefits.

Fundamentally companies choose to purchases equipment from Dawsonrentals rather than rent, in order to obtain full ownership of the facility. Purchasing any solution means that it becomes a business asset. Thus meaning you can make necessary alterations and customise your space to suit changing needs.

Purchasing the unit also gives you the opportunity to sell when you no longer require it.

Ex-fleet cold storage

We pride ourselves on utilising the latest equipment and technology available to us. This means that we are constantly looking to replace units that had previously been rented. More often than not our products are returned in excellent cosmetic and working order, meaning that customers can find great deals on ex-rental, used cold storage. To view our latest ex-rental assets available for purchase please visit our eBay page by clicking here. From inflatable cold storage to modular cold rooms, we are constantly updating our eBay page with our latest offers. Take a look, you might just find exactly what you're looking for!

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