Our Inflatables

At Dawsonrentals portable cold rooms we have developed a range of expertly engineered inflatable storage solutions. Our range consists of the Inflatable Cold Store and the High Capacity Store - two products that enable businesses to grow and expand at new or existing facilities. Both inflatable structures make use of the latest premium grade textiles and highly engineered anchoring systems. Our inflatable products do vary on aspects such as operating temperature and capacity, so click the links below to find out more about what each inflatable product can do.

20 Pallet Cold Storage 16 Pallet Cold Storage

Emergency Freezer Trailer Delivery

Emergency Freezer Trailer Delivery   Monday… Read more

Dawsonrentals Bring The Cold Indoors

Dawsonrentals Bring The Cold Indoors Monday… Read more

Dawsonrentals Diversifying Local Businesses

Dawsonrentals Diversifying Local Businesses Monday… Read more


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