Case Study: Lynher Dairies

Lynher Dairies is one of the most successful makers of artisan cheese in Britain, consistently winning awards for their produce. Located in the depths of the Cornish countryside, the dairy processes over 2 million litres of milk a year, so it is no wonder as to why they were seeking additional facilities for their speciality ‘Yarg’ cheese. For more information on this speciality product, visit their website here

After searching for temporary temperature controlled alternatives through a search engine, they found that Dawsonrentals portable cold rooms would have a solution. Our excellent sales team were on hand to guide the client through the variety of options available, with plenty of advice given about the most suitable products for the job.

As with all our cold storage installations, a site survey was conducted down at the dairy in Falmouth, and contracts were soon drawn for a double High Capacity Store unit to be installed. Philip Farndon of Lynher stated that this new facility ‘fitted their exact needs’, giving them a whopping 40 pallets of extra storage space, equating to 13 tonnes of cheese!

The installation process included the fitting of a checker plate flooring system. Not only did this keep the unit rodent proof but due to it being sited on compacted backfill, eradicated dust and other contaminants from the facility. Philip described our installations team as ‘excellent’, who ensured that any minor bumps were smoothed out along the way.  

Our high capacity inflatable units are the perfect solution for dairies that are looking to increase their storage space within their business. Our facilities range from +2˚C to +26˚C in temperature, allowing for a variety of products to be stored appropriately; there is sure to be a solution for all. 

If you are a dairy and are looking to increase storage space, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01179 373 310 to find out about the options available. 

"The High Capacity Store fitted our exact needs" Dairy Manager, Lynher Dairies 

Lynher Dairies

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