Case Study: Noble Foods

Egg Product Manufacturer

Noble Foods is best known as the UK's largest producer of eggs and high quality egg products with a speciality in premium chilled desserts. Dawsonrentals worked with Noble Foods in the past and were once again approached with a view of supplying a temperature critical storage solution which would enable them to freeze 90 trolleys, each containing 110kg of warm chocolate ganache, to -18°C on a daily basis.

Following a site survey and an agreement on all vital details, we were able to propose a design for a new freezer room facility which would be tailor-built to the client's exact specifications. Initially required for a period of 3 months, the unit was linked to the existing production facility to enable the easy transportation of each trolley from the ambient production area, through to our 'blast freezer' and finally into a packing area. During a period of 5 days, Dawsonrentals seamlessly completed the installation of a large room measuring 120m² with blast freezing capabilities, utilising 3 x Carrier Electra freezer blocks. The impressive piece of equipment reduces internal temperature from 20°C to below 0°C within 20 minutes.

'The new cold storage area has fulfilled our requirement for a short term extension of our high care department. Dawsonrentals' product has more than satisfied our high quality standards and its done its job well. This installation was both professional and timely.'

P. Dymmock, Operations Manager 


Cold room interior


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